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    The company held a children’s drawing competition on the theme “The Future of the Country through the Eyes of Our Children”. The event was aimed at stimulating creative thinking among children and supporting their views on the country’s future.

   Children from different age groups took part in the contest, expressing their ideas and dreams through drawings. The theme of the competition helped to develop children’s optimism, creative imagination and patriotism.

    At the end of the competition, a jury consisting of the company’s management selected the best works. All participants were awarded with gifts. One of the special elements of the event was the decision to use the best children’s drawings to create the company’s annual calendar. This calendar will not only decorate the office space, but also become a symbol of support for talented children.

    This project not only created a positive atmosphere at the company, but also emphasised the importance of paying attention to the creative potential of children and their contribution to society.