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  On September 20, 2023 fire protection classes were organized  at our company, the aim is to increase the awareness and readiness of employees to take action in the event of a fire threat.

  The main purpose of the classes is to ensure the safety of personnel and property at the company, as well as to prepare employees for effective actions in the event of a fire.

  Employees acquired practical skills in the correct use of fire extinguishers. This included a demonstration of the technique of controlling a fire extinguisher and applying it to a flame. A simulation of fires was organized, in which the participants could apply the knowledge and skills they had acquired. They trained in extinguishing various types of fires, from small outbreaks to more serious scenarios.

Fire protection classes with training on extinguishing fires with fire extinguishers play an important role in ensuring safety at the workplace and the readiness of employees to act in case of emergency situations.